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What is air conditioning

The concept of "air conditioning" in most people causes such associations as air conditioners, split systems, cooling. In fact, this is not entirely correct because the air conditioning has a wider meaning. So what is air conditioning?

The word "conditioning" derived from the word "condition". That is, it would also be fair to interpret the meaning of the word "conditioning" as "support for a certain condition". For perfumery and cosmetics, for example, now there are many tools that fix certain properties of hair, skin, etc., which are also called conditioners, and it has long been no surprise to anyone. With regard to air, rather than the air environment in a particular room, then such an interpretation of the notion of conditioning looks more than appropriate. After all, the air conditioning of the room is just designed to maintain the parameters of the air environment in it within a certain framework. And as you know, the parameters of the air environment, it is not only the temperature, but also the humidity of air, its purity, the speed of air flow.

Types of air conditioning and equipment

Conditioners belong to the equipment of the air conditioning system, the main task of which is to maintain the room in the summer, the temperature optimal for human life. Air conditioners with a heat pump in the cold season can also perform heating of the premises.
Similar tasks are performed by systems of chiller - fan coils. The main difference between these systems is that the conditioning in the chiller-fancoil system is directly carried out with the help of an additional intermediate liquid coolant, water or antifreeze.

With both operating modes and the air conditioner and the chiller-fancoil systems, there is a decrease in the relative humidity of the air, with cooling, due to the condensation of moisture from the air to the heat exchanger, and in the heating mode, - as the natural process when heating the air.

When in the room due to any internal or external factors there is a significant moisture distribution, and relative humidity should be maintained at an acceptable level, then drainage is applied. Air drying, as already mentioned above, can also be performed by air conditioners, but in this case, this process is not controlled. For accurate maintenance of humidity indoors use dryers. Desiccants raise the air at the outlet to the room temperature, which does not make air conditioners.

In the winter, when the relative humidity of the outside air is low, and inside the heating area it is even lower, there is a need for equipment such as humidifiers. Humidification of air can be carried out in various ways and equipment. For private homes, household humidifiers can be used, for industrial or large commercial premises - channel humidifiers.
Clearance of air is also beyond doubt very relevant in our homes and offices, in the production. There are special means for cleaning the air, cleaners, ionizers, scavengers, etc., but as a rule, most air conditioning equipment has its own filters of different degree of purification.

For certain technological processes, in operational, etc. It is often necessary to carry out air conditioning with increased requirements to the air environment and for purity, both at temperature and humidity. In these cases, special equipment is used, - precision air conditioners, in which all these parameters are maintained in automatic mode with a fairly high accuracy.

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