Там, где приходит "русский мир" уже не до комфорта --Where the "Russian world" comes, it's no longer up to comfort--Там, де приходить "руський мір" вже не до комфорту

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Concept "climate" is very voluminous and, to some extent, even Tropical climate philosophical. And although it is widely used both in economics and in politics, in relationships between people, medicine, and even psychology, the Ozhegov dictionary clearly states that the climate is "long-term weather conditions of a locality, one of its main geographic characteristics" ". And according to Dahl, this is the "state of the air of a known area, regarding the heat and cold, dryness, dampness, the duration of the seasons and the like". Desert climate There are various detailed scientific classifications of the world's climate in general. The simplest and most widespread classification looks following way. Climate is cold, temperate and hot - according to temperature regimes. In addition, each of these three main varieties of climate is divided into two, - marine climate (humid, without sharp temperature differences) and continental climate (dry, with sharp fluctuations in temperature). For example, the climate in Antarctica according to this classification can be attributed to the cold continental climate, in the Arctic - the cold sea climate, the Middle East Savanna climate climate - to the hot continental climate, and Cuba and other islands of this region - to the hot sea climate.

In addition, the location of the terrain, its relief, the degree of remoteness from the ocean or seas, the presence or absence of other reservoirs, rivers, can create additional peculiarities of the climate of one region or another.

The climate of the terrain and microclimate

Of course, the climate of the area directly affects the lifestyle Arctic climateand traditions of living here people. First of all it concerns the way of arranging their houses, providing them with a certain microclimate and comfort.
So, for inhabitants of the equatorial zone, where the heat is dominant for most of the year, the main task when creating comfortable conditions in homes is to reduce their temperature, that is, the most demanded climatic equipment is air conditioner. The walls of buildings in this area are as light as possible, because there is no such thing as heat loss at all.
Conversely, for the hoouses of people living in northern latitudes, the most important thing is to keep the heat indoors, all the buildings are as warmed up as possible, and the most current climate system is the heating system.
For moderate latitudes equally important can be both heating and air conditioning Well, apparently nobody will deny that ventilation systems are important in all climatic zones where a person carries out any activity, whether it is working or resting.

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