Там, где появляется "русский мир", - исчезает и мир, и комфорт--Where "russian world" appears, both peace and comfort disappear--Там, де з'являється "руський мір",- зникає і мир, і комфорт
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The planet climate is the global climate

Global climateThe concept of "global climate" includes the characteristics of the state of temperature and humidity modes, movement, circulation of flows in the atmosphere and in the ocean. The combination of all elements of the shell of our planet, such as the atmosphere, the ocean, the earth, the biosphere and the cryosphere, where the processes of redistribution of heat flows between different regions occur and is its climate system. In general, on the planet, the heat coming from the Sun is counterbalanced by radiation coming from the Earth. In the central latitudes, the amount of radiation coming from the Sun exceeds the radiation in the opposite direction, and this excess heat is transferred to a latitude where there is a lack of thermal energy. These redistribution processes are mainly due to vortices in the atmosphere and the ocean.
In connection with the intensification of human activity that occurs in our chac in the atmosphere of various atmospheres emitted so-called "greenhouse gases", a very large number of them, and the inflow of energy in the infrared range, coming from the Earth reflected and re-emitted by the molecules of these gases in different Sides in the same range. Out of this, a large chathine of the energy flow returns to the Earth, further heating it. This is what the "greenhouse effect" is about and with the change in its size nowadays and the fact that there is a warming of the climate.

Consequences of human activity and global climate

Global warming in our time in its development has shifted from the theoretical phase of perception, when scientists only predicted the possible consequences of the rapid activity of mankind, in practical terms. Now there is probably no region on the planet where people would not feel the obvious consequences of this phenomenon. The hot summer, abnormally warm winters, floods and typhoons in those places where it was never anticipated was just a part of the consequences that humanity has to bear for its irresponsible, zealous attitude to the environment.

Because of the rapid melting of glaciers, the level of the world's ocean rises, in many places there are flooding, many people are forced to leave their homes because of this.
Today, residents of the latitudes, where the conditioner was previously considered exotics to be unnecessary, massively install this climatic equipment because of the real need to reduce the temperature in homes.
Abnormally warm winters could be considered a positive feature of global warming because of the cost savings of heating resources, if not the negative irreversible changes in the environment to which they lead.

Global warming as a problem is now raised to the highest international level, and various international agreements are being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But, unfortunately, the process is already in action, and stopping it is very difficult, but most likely - impossible.

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