Там, где появляется "русский мир", - исчезает и мир, и комфорт--Where "russian world" appears, both peace and comfort disappear--Там, де з'являється "руський мір",- зникає і мир, і комфорт
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If you desire to create a fully fledged comfort at your home, improve the microclimate, or you are simply interested in the newest trends in the world of climate control, then our website "CLIMATE at HOME" is exactly what you need. As radio and TV broadcasters say - do not switch the channel, stay with us! O We offer you a lot of useful information.

Home comfort is a three-dimensional concept. Decoration of walls or ceiling, furniture, home appliances, other interior elements - all of these are very important. These elements form a unique atmosphere and comfort in one’s house. While taking care of home interior, one should not forget about the quality of air, since it affects not only the durability and appearance of the finishing materials, furniture in the house, but, more importantly, it has an impact on the health of its inhabitants.
Microclimate is one of the most important components of the home comfort, a pledge of well-being and mood of people who live here, work, relax or just come to visit. A way too low temperature or heat in the room will make you to feel uncomfortable, no matter how exquisite the interior is. In addition, low humidity can lead not only to the damage of furniture and parquet, but also to the skin dryness, mucous membranes dehydration, and to various allergic reactions. Too much moisture in the air can cause the spead of fungi on the ceiling or walls and chronic colds.

It is well known that the microclimate of the room is characterized by the air parameters in it - temperature and humidity, concentration of harmful substances, airflow velocity. The main tools for changing these parameters have always been and will always be heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
Therefore, in order to achieve an optimal microclimate, an integrated approach to climate control from calculations and equipment selection, to installation, configuration and service is required. This approach is the unique feature of our website. What is more, you can learn lots of useful facts on home comfort related and issues on our website. These issues include home construction, climate adjustment, furniture, interior design etc.

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