Там, где появляется "русский мир", - исчезает и мир, и комфорт--Where "russian world" appears, both peace and comfort disappear--Там, де з'являється "руський мір",- зникає і мир, і комфорт
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Microclimate of the room

Microclimate of the room

A microclimate is considered to be a combination of the characteristics of the air in a given room, namely, temperature, humidity, air velocity. Microclimate of the room directly depends on a combination of certain factors. Firstly, they are climatic conditions, that is, the climate of the area, in which this building is located, and secondly - the degree of protection of the premises from the influence of external conditions (wind, low or high temperatures, humidity), and thirdly - these are internal factors, such as the release of moisture, heat from people or other sources in the most indoor airflows in it. In addition to moisture, heat and carbon dioxide, products of household and industrial activities of a person can be various gases, aerosol dust. Increasing the concentration of harmful substances in the air of a closed room negatively affects the quality of the microclimate in it and, accordingly, on the health of people, their health.

On the one hand, we are doing everything right, maximally shielding ourselves from the environment, with its polluted air, noise, abnormal heat, which caused global warming, compacting and Warming the house in order to save on the cost of such expensive today's energy resources. On the other hand, we risk becoming hostages of products of our own vital activity.

What should we do?

In fact, if you approach this situation rationally, there is a way out, and it is quite simple. Since ancient times, there are systems that are tools for creating an optimal microclimate in the room. Of course this is heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Tested and modernized by time, in combination with modern energy-saving technologies in construction, engineering and automation elements, these systems allow creating in a room of any type a healthy environment favorable for work and rest. Indicative in this respect today are the so-called "passive houses". Maximum isolation from external factors such as wind, low or high temperatures, such buildings are equipped with energy-saving ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, optimally use internal energy sources and are controlled by many sensors, depending on the set air parameters and the amount of internal heat and moisture input available.

For example, ventilation in a "smart home" is activated only when a certain concentration of CO or other harmful substances is reached in the room, and the air conditioning and heating systems maintain the required temperature in it with a fairly high accuracy, regardless of the season.
In addition, due to the great progress in the development of technologies "passive houses" to ensure the operation of all their engineering networks can use only internal energy sources.

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