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Fan coils types

wall-mounted type fancoilWall-mounted type fancoil. In appearance, it is similar to the indoor unit of the wall-mounted air conditioner, and like it, is mounted on the wall. Structurally, it is a two or four tube heat exchanger with a coarse filter and a fan. Two-pipe models, usually intended only for cooling and working with the chiller, four-pipe can also work for heating with the boiler. Usually used in residential and small office and commercial premises.

cassette-type fancoilCassette-type fancoil. Like the indoor air conditioner unit, it is mounted in the interstellar space so that only the front panel of the unit is visible. Two- and four-pipe versions can be operated both with the chiller only for cold, with the boiler for heating. Coarse air purification filter. Built-in drainage pump. Used for cooling residential, office, public and other commercial ceilings with high ceilings.

duct-type fancoil unitDuct-type fancoil unit. It is mounted in the underfloor space. A feature of duct-type fan coils is that the cooled air can be supplied to different areas of the room by means of ducts and grilles. Built-in filter for coarse air purification. The two- and four-pipe models can be used for both heat and heating, both with the chiller and the boiler. It is used for residential, office, public and other rooms with large underfloor space.

floor-type fancoil unitFloor-type fancoil unit. It is usually mounted vertically on the wall at floor level. There are both two- and four-pipe models designed for both cooling and heating and work with both the chiller and the boiler. Used for cooling office, public and commercial premises for various purposes.

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