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Types of dehumidifiers

wallmounted type dehumidifiersWallmounted type dehumidifiers. They are intended for drainage of premises of various purpose - warehouses, cellars, swimming pools and more. Productivity from 1 l/h to 20 l/h. Installation of this dehumidifier is carried out with the help of special brackets on the wall, as a rule, at the floor level. Compact, does not take up much space.

mobile dehumidifiersMobile dehumidifiers. It includes an assortment from household, low-power dehumidifiers, to industrial ones, to drain the premises in the course of any work, incl. construction or in emergency situations. No special installation required. It can be moved around the room by casters or rollers. All models and types have a built-in coarse air filter.

duct type dehumidifierDuct type dehumidifiers. The peculiarity of channel dehumidifiers is that the drained air can be fed through channels and grilles into different areas of the room, in the same way and removed from the room. This allows air to be drained evenly throughout the room. In addition, the mixing of fresh air. Built-in air purifier. It is used for a variety of large premises, most often for swimming pools.

floor type dehumidifierFloor type dehumidifier. They are used for the drainage of large premises - conference halls, halls, lobbies, shops of various profiles and more. Installation of additional TENs for heating of air is possible.

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