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Wallpaper - everything is brilliant - it's simple

There are simple things, to the existence of which we are so used to that, it seems that nothing better "this" will not come up and that it existed, and will exist forever. When, where this thing appeared and who came up with it, we do not even think. Wallpaper

There are a lot of such things in our everyday life, but we will talk about the beauty that surrounds us almost everywhere - at home, at work, in stores and where we rest. You just look - what variety, what patterns, colors and tones, what emotions they can cause!
No, it's not flowers, no jewelry, and not even women. Everything is much easier - it's a wallpaper. Do not believe? But this is really the case, and you can be sure of this by going to any specialized store.

Such a commonplace thing as decorating walls in houses and not only actually plays and has always played a huge role in people's lives. From what we see, what colors surround us, when we wake up, eat, work or rest often depends not only on our mood, but also on health and ability to work.

That is why we are so carefully approaching the color, the pattern, the way of decorating the walls. There are several variants in this case, from simple coloring, to decorative plaster or tiling, and other materials. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages.

But, most likely, nothing better and simpler wallpapers to date simply does not exist. Simple and ingenious. With several strips of paper or fabric, we can unrecognizably change the interior of our home or office. And do it quickly and simply and even for yourself. Certainly, it is necessary to adhere to certain requirements and conditions, to have certain skills and hands growing from the right place.
Everything else is about technology and taste, desires and financial possibilities.

About who and when invented a way to decorate the walls, they still argue. Some say - the Chinese, at the time of the heyday of their emperors. Others refer to even more early times - the period of the Babylonian and Assyrian powers.

Later, in the twentieth century, this idea, with the development of the paper and printing industry transformed into the production of paper rolls of a certain width and with a pattern specially designed for gluing the walls.

Modern technologies have considerably expanded the assortment and improved the quality of this finishing material. Today it is possible to choose wallpaper for every taste. The color, patterns, quality of the material are so varied that it often complicates the choice and often makes us resort to the services of specialists, designers. Although in the other - especially in the method of their pasting everything is as simple.

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