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The importance of ventilation systems is not in anyone's doubt today. Although sometimes, during the construction of the facility, ventilation is put on the second plan, they say, without heating, electricians, water supply or sewerage can not do, but without ventilation one can live and save in this part of the project.
The fallacy of such an opinion becomes apparent already in the process of building operation. Then it turns out that there would not be an obstruction of the ventilation duct, there is stuffiness, there is not enough fresh air, there appeared a fungus, etc. The consequences of this approach will prove to be not only material, but also in terms of the health of the inhabitants of this building.

You can discuss for a long time about the need for a ventilation system at your site and its complexity, but it is better to do it at the project stage, taking into account all the nuances that may arise during the operation, and then stick to it (the project) during construction. This will save you money and save the nervous system in the future.

Provide good ventilation only due to exclusively construction solutions (ventilation shafts, canals, openings or openings) unfortunately in most cases will not succeed. Taking into account the current trend in energy saving to the maximum sealing of premises, without systems of forced, mechanical ventilation is indispensable. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, the equipment of such ventilation systems today has a fairly high level and a wide range.

We offer a very large selection of ventilation systems, fans, components (valves for various purposes, filters, heaters, sound attenuators, etc.), air ducts. Lattices and diffusers of any section, shape and design will satisfy the most demanding designer or designer.

Current trends in energy conservation have also left a significant imprint on the production of ventilation equipment. Ventilation units with recuperators of various designs, fans with electric commutating motors, automation for any tasks, etc. are offered.

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