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Manufacturers and brands of ventilation equipment.

 systemair This brand does not require a special presentation. Systemair is one of the most popular fan manufacturers in Eurasia. Equipment of this brand has always been distinguished by its high quality. The company and the organizations direct the resources for the development of ventilation, and as always the emphasis is placed on the quality, functionality and energy efficiency.
The company has always been in contact with the manufacturer in the field of ventilation equipment manufacturing.

Soler&PalauThe "Soler&Palau" (S&P) is one of the largest leaders in the European market for ventilation equipment.
In the Spanish city of RIPOL (Girona) in 1951, engineers Joseph Palau and Edward Soller founded a small chamber of combs, Soler&Palau, on the production of fans. Since the early years, the company has been collecting samples, as a result of an increase in its own facilities, as a result of the development of new products and purchases of new ones. Now Soler&Palau has production: in Spain, France, England, Italy, Mexico, the USA, China, Sangapuri, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

Vents One of the most popular, among the most active ones, is the Ukrainian company - "Vents". Honesty is a great business, with a large number of prafessionalnyh that provide a qualitative integration of ideas in the best-in-class experience. Without a doubt, the product range of the company can be called one of the widest in the world. Here you will find everything that comes with ventilation - from the usual domestic ventilation solutions and fans for the dome to spiral airborne air ducts of any size and ventilation units.

купити вентилятор dospel Dospel is a company with a thirty year-long experience (has been in existence since 1974). The main residence of the companies is located in Czestochowa (Poland).
The firm is engaged in the production and sale of fans: domestic and industrial, as well as ventilation systems and air conditioners. The main emphasis on Dospel is given to the safety of the product. Guarantee traditions, the highest quality of production with the corresponding safety and security certificates, perfectly tailored quali fi ed materials, a new network of sales and service centers, and export to 54 countries of the world suggest that the partners from the Dospel company are a guarantee of success.

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