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Controls and automatics of ventilation systems.

In order for the venture system of any destination and complexity to function properly, any controls must be present in it. The system must be switched on, off, it is often necessary to change the amount of tidal or exhaust air, to respond adequately to an emergency. It is very convenient when the system itself regulates the temperature of the air entering the room, its humidity or other parameters. For this purpose, automatic and controls such as speed controllers, frequency converters, sensors, servo drives, etc. are assigned. Often, not knowing how important the controls and automation are in work, saving them on installation of climate systems, we in the process of operating we incur considerably higher running costs than they could incur by using them. And because of the absence of certain elements of automatic protection, we can incur even significant losses, for example, to defrost a very inexpensive water heater to ignite an electric heater, or, God forbid, cause a flood or fire.


Rotational regulators are usedtransformer speed controllersSpeed controllers are used to control the performance of fans. The controllers of the revolutions are single- and three-phase, smooth control, - simistors, or step-by-step, - transformer. When selecting the fan regulator, simistor speed controllerit is guided by the maximum current for which it is calculated. There are 2, 3 or 5-speed transformer rotary regulators. The rotary regulators allow you to control both one and a group of fans. The main thing is that the sum of the currents of all fans does not exceed the permissible maximum current for this regulator.

Frequency converters allow you to safely run the fan engine of any power, and most importantly - adjust the frequency of its rotation by changing the frequency of supply frequency converters voltage.
This method ensures smooth regulation of speed in a wide range with high mechanical characteristics. Adjusting the speed with this is not accompanied by an increase in the slip asynchronous motor, so the loss of power with this adjustment is minimal. Despite the high cost, frequency converters nowadays get more and more application, and not only in the field of climate systems.

Sensors and other elements of automatics

The simplest and more sophisticated control systems and automatic ventilation systems foresee the use of such elements as thermostats, hygrostates, tube thermostat pressostites. The principle of their action is that when reaching the system channel or in the room where these devices are installed, a given value, the contacts are unlocked or locked, unlocking or turning on the appropriate equipment room thermostator other control. The use of these devices allows you to control the air parameters in the channel or in the room in a discrete mode or react to emergency situations in the system, such as the threat of defrosting the water heater, overheating of the electric heater, filter contamination. Temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, РЎРћ sensors measure the value of the corresponding capillary thermostat parameter and signal to the controller, controller or processor. These devices are integral elements of all systems of integrated control of air indoors

Servo drives

For control of air choke valves, two- and three-way valves are used servo drives. Depending on the control voltage,servo air valve servo drives are 220 or 24 V, two, three, or multi-position, with or without spring return. When choosing servo drives, in addition to this, account should be taken of the turning forces.

"Brain" automation

Currently, programmable controllers are very widely used to control ventilation systems, control unitthat download software specially designed for a particular type of system, for systems with coolers, water or electric heaters, for supply and exhaust systems with different types of recuperators, etc. On the base of them, control units are created, which in combination with the elements already mentioned above, such as speed controllers, frequency converters, servo drives, thermostats and pressostats, COs and temperature sensors allow to perform any task in a qualitative maintaining the microclimate of any room.

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