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Ventilation and appetite.

People are not in vain say - "hunger is not aunt." When hungry, it seems you can eat anything and anywhere. But it seems like sorry for the taftology, it just seems. Especially in our prosperous full time in places with relatively moderate welfare. Not to mention the big cities, where big money spins.

Today, banal repression of hunger is increasingly being combined with a pleasant time, in a good company, in a good environment that helps to digest food and information. Fortunately, institutions providing such services at least dinghy, while modern technologies make it easy to choose and book one of these places, even on the Internet, without leaving the office or at home. Of course, we are talking about restaurants and similar establishments, the number of which, despite the high competition in this area, continues to grow inexorably.

Here I would like to pay attention to things, which in high-level restaurants, sorry again for the taftology, we do not pay attention, but which we inevitably pay attention to a cheap dining room or gable.
A person who is accustomed to eat in a comfortable environment often on the verge of an institution of the above type may lose appetite. What is the matter? After all, she still had time to get acquainted with neither the menu nor the situation.

Clearly, the first thing that can spoil our appetite is the smell. Although there are odors that can inversely invite us to visit a certain place, for example, a slight smell of coffee or baking, but in this case we are talking about the smells from the kitchen, not always and not pleasant for everyone, and even sometimes the smell of gas that meets we are still from the threshold.

Of course, the main reason for this situation is poor ventilation and, worse, its absence. A good restaurant, bar or even cafes that value their reputation, take care of their clients and can not afford poor ventilation to increase their number.

Ventilation should provide a constant flow of fresh, if necessary, heated or cooled air to the places where visitors are located and the intense suction of hot smoky air above the plates and stoves.
In such an institution, the client will never think about what fool or cold it is, in what mood today the chef, and will be with an excellent appetite, to fully enjoy the dishes offered to him here and the emotional conversation with a friend, or even better , - a friend.

Specialized Internet services will help you make the right choice, because there is a section of reviews and comments, as it is known - human voices are never useless.

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