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Ceiling fans

There are situations when due to various reasons, economic or constructive, to create a comfortable air environment for recreation or work in a certain room or its local corner is very difficult or too costly. Ceiling fans are equipment that helps you find a way out of these situations in a relatively simple and inexpensive way.

потолочный вентиляторThese devices are mounted, as their name implies, on the ceiling. Due to the considerable swing of the blades during rotation, the ceiling fan creates a rather powerful airflow. This flow, depending on the direction of rotation and the angle of inclination of the blades, is directed at a certain angle, either from the top to the bottom, or vice versa - from the bottom up.

The main task of a ceiling fan is to create an increased speed of air movement in the work or rest area of ​​people to create the illusion of coolness and more comfortable sensations for them at high ambient temperatures. In this situation, the air flow is directed to the working area, from top to bottom at an angle. At the same time, the operation of the fan is almost silent and does not create any additional uncomfortable sensations. The flow rate can be adjusted either smoothly or stepwise, depending on the ceiling fan model and the regulator.

Another important function of ceiling fans is the mixing of air flows in large rooms and in rooms with high ceilings, equalizing in them both the area and volume. Moreover, this function is also relevant in the hot season and even in winter, in the heating season.

In summer, a ceiling fan can sometimes help you save on air conditioning by leveling the room temperature between the cooler lower and warmer upper zones, and in the cold season it will send warmer air from under the ceiling down, saving you on heating. And when there is nothing to level, - it will simply create a breeze in the room, a feeling of coolness, which will significantly increase your efficiency, tone and mood.

Ceiling fans are produced in various sizes, capacities and designs. They harmoniously fit into the design of any room and are affordable. There are models even combined with lamps or chandeliers. In short, for every taste and color. To verify this and select the appropriate model, it is enough to look in the catalog of ceiling fans.

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