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What determines the comfort of the bathroom.

With the statement that the bathroom - one of the most important places in the house or apartment, it seems, nobody will argue. Here, as a rule, we spend wonderful moments of relaxation after a busy day of work. comfort in the bathroomThe fact that the depth of our relaxation depends not only on the temperature of the water, the presence of relaxing flavors or hydromassage in the bath design, but also to a large extent and from the surrounding environment in the room where we take the bath is proven.

That is why the tile in the bathroom is chosen by the owners not less thoroughly than plumbing. Fortunately, today's offer of this cladding material is incredibly broad. A large variety of colors and tile sizes can sometimes even confuse the customer. In this case, you should contact the designer who will try to help with the selection using special computer visualization software.

Very important for the bathroom is also the microclimate in it, that is, the temperature and humidity of the air. In order for you to feel comfortable and before you undress, get iron into the bath, and after it is taken, it is desirable that the floor temperature be a bit higher than the body temperature, about 40oC, and the air temperature in the room - at least 25oC.

In addition, the temperature of the bathroom will depend on the amount of condensation on the walls, the ceiling, and, importantly, on the surfaces of mirrors. ventilation in the bathroom The higher the air temperature, the more it will be able to hold a couple, the more warm the walls and ceiling, and therefore, respectively, a smaller amount of condensate will be allocated on the surfaces.

But condensation can not be avoided in any case, especially if you are accustomed to taking a very hot bath and you have weak or no ventilation at all. Ventilation provides extraction of moist air from the bathroom and inflow of fresh, more dry from the adjacent premises.
With the use of modern window designs, natural ventilation will definitely not work, so without exhausting household fans in such rooms as a bathroom, shower and toilet can not do without. And to improve the flow of fresh air and, accordingly, to increase the efficiency of the hood in the upper and lower parts of the bathroom door, it is necessary to install decorative grinding wheels.

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