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Stylish design of a small bathroom

The interior that has been carefully thought out, especially for the needs of your family, will be remembered. Everything should be neat and comfortable. At least, if you want to achieve a good result in the design - you will succeed. And we will help in this. Even if the bathroom is small, you can choose the design and the plumbing so that the impression of space will be created. By the way, it is not so difficult to achieve this. We will orient you, which plumbing can most successfully fit into the interior. It can be a small bath or a wider shower, a stylish washbasin with a toilet bowl. We will look at the plumbing not only in terms of practicality, but also in terms of design, which will help make the interior more interesting.

Bathroom Interior

What is the most basic secret? This is the choice of the right background. It must be light to add more light, expand the space. Therefore, do not be afraid to use not only pastel shades, but also white color. It will not be boring. On the contrary, such a background can be easily beaten with the help of well-chosen plumbing, which we will talk about a little later. So, using a light palette is already a plus.

Which design to choose, that small bathroom looked interesting and was at the same time comfortable? For you, designers tried and thought out a lot of interesting solutions: it's minimalism, loft, high-tech, Scandinavian style, and even country. Of the listed styles only in the loft are used in the interior of dark colors. And then, this style can be so interesting to beat that a small room will look even more interesting. Just as the base color is better not to choose brown, and light gray or coffee tint, and otherwise leave all the elements, a characteristic loft. This is brickwork, and the predominance of steel sanitary ware - a shower tray and a sink, for example, and bathroom furniture from wood. By the way, the tree will decorate any interior. It does not matter, as a locker, beams on the ceiling or an accessory. Wood adds warmth and coziness, so do not refrain from using parts from this material. By the way, about accessories. In a small room it is better to remove them altogether or leave them, but a minimum amount, and the most practical.

Choice of plumbing

You can choose: put in the bathroom a neat bath, or still stay on the wall-mounted shower. The second option, of course, will occupy a minimum of space, so it will be more practical. But if you like to swim in the bathroom and can not deny yourself this pleasure, then of course it is worth it to put it.

Interesting accent in the interior you can do at the expense of the washbasin. Which sink will be both stylish and practical? Manufacturer KOLO offers many interesting options. For example, it can be a massive overhead sink, which is placed over a countertop or bedside table. Ceramics in this case is the best material that emphasizes the elegance of the product.

The toilet can come up with different options. For example, a compact or hanging model. If you choose a hanging toilet, then at least one of the interior items should also be attached to the wall - for example, a bedside table with a washbasin. Then the interior will look carefully thought out.

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