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Highlights of the installation of the shower cabin with your own hands

Manufacturers offer buyers many models of shower cabins. Having decided to install this utility device in your bathroom yourself, you should first read the instructions carefully.

There are plenty of tips on the internet, but there are some general principles that are important to keep in mind regardless of the device model. Most often, the booth is installed instead of a bulky bath, so no permission is required.

Equipment and tools

The most popular are corner models, the construction of which is very similar to the various manufacturers. They consist of: roof, pallet, rear and side walls, vertical racks, screen and doors. When shopping, make sure all parts are in place, there are no chips and cracks in the glass. If an incomplete item is detected - please replace the device or add it.

You will need: screwdrivers, level, construction gun, split key, drill, sealant, seal, flexible hoses. In addition, you can stock up: sharp knife, screws, gloves, washers and nuts.

Stages of assembly

For a more accurate understanding of the process, work should be divided into two stages: preliminary and finishing. At the first stage, you are picking up a cabin in one of the rooms to make sure the device is complete, to replace the defective parts in time, if any, to work before work.

The main action of the second stage is the installation of a shower tray pallet. Before you begin installing it, connect new flexible hoses to the sewage hole. Connect the water supply, leaving some stock in the pipes. Then place it on the legs and align the height with the adjusting screws. Constantly check the result level. Connect the drains and make sure there is no leakage by pouring a little water into the pan and carefully watching the drain.

After that, install the panels for the glass fence and guides. Upper - wider, lower - narrow with figured cuts. Grease the joints with a sealant and insert the glass. Screw the side panels to the pallet and make sure that the cabin's electrical appliances are working.

Leave the unit for a while to completely dry the sealant. Then fix the rollers, insert the seals, install the door and adjust them. Lastly, the roof of the appliance and internal elements such as pens, mirrors, shelves, etc. are installed.

After completing the assembly, once again carefully check all fasteners and joints. Ensure proper sewage work. Check tightness of the device. Walk on the pallet: if it creaks or cracks - most likely, you have incorrectly set the height of the legs.

The guarantee of safe use of the booth will be the availability of a special automatic power switch or differential automatic machine. Be sure to ground the appliance. Select the electrical outlet in a dustproof and dustproof enclosure, a hidden type with an IP 44 index.

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