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The growth of people's welfare sets new levels and benchmarks in everyday life, construction, and in the style of their lives.

Of course, these benchmarks are very differentiated, depending on the status that people occupy. What today with ease can afford one is an unattainable dream or purpose of the life of others. Such is she, a strict, not always fair, but always stimulating reality reality.

домашній басейнOne of these "steps" on the stairs of the steady increase in the welfare of the middle class has recently become the presence of a pool in the house. The size and depth of such a building depends directly on the financial capabilities of the one who wants to make such a pleasure. The design and decoration of a pool room is already a second issue, which also depends on the taste and ambitions of its owner.

The construction industry has quickly caught up with these trends, and as a result, today there is a large variety of companies producing pools and technological equipment for them, as well as companies offering a wide range of products related to swimming pools.

It should be noted that the fashion to have a home in the pool is by itself a very positive factor. After all, in addition to simple fun to swim, just to splash in a water bowl, the pool in the house is a direct motive for a healthy lifestyle for its inhabitants.
After all, nothing so encourages, as the morning swam in cool water and does not relax, as the evening "drift" in the warm or "summer" water. And about the benefits of immersion in a cold font after a sauna or steam room and do not have to speak! Regular swimming stunts, strengthens immunity and spine - and this is also an undeniable fact.

Of course, anyone who decides to build a pool at home is free to decide for themselves what depth and size this building will be depending on their financial capabilities and ambitions. But at the same time, there are some related things that, regardless of everything, do not take into account, ignore it is simply unacceptable.

These nuances include several basic - high-quality chemical preparation of water for the pool, its heating, as well as, which is especially important for the pool, heating and ventilation in it.

The absence of the latter will undoubtedly lead in the future to the development of the fungus on the walls and all health benefits will be nullified, not to mention the possible destruction of the finishing and supporting materials of the walls and ceiling of the basin. Therefore, this issue, the question of ventilation of the pool room, from the very beginning should be given special attention.

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