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Upholstery of metal doors

Metal doors feature functionality and durability, due to these qualities they have become widespread among the population. The owners of the apartments appreciated their positive qualities, but many are putting aside the unremarkable appearance. But it is the doors that create the first impression of the apartment and its owners. A good option for solving the problem is upholstery of metal doors, a wide variety of upholstery materials is on the market.

Many owners are trying to do upholstery of metal doors themselves. But in this case, the quality of the work will be slightly lower than if the door was faced by specialists. In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance, it has other positive aspects.

What is importance from advantages the upholstery of metal doors?

  • Significant improvement in the condition of metal doors, which lost their appeal over many years of service
  • Using special materials makes it possible to soundproof the apartment, protect it from the penetration of cold air.
  • With the upholstery, you can significantly upgrade even the old door and change it beyond recognition. A wide choice of facing materials will help to create an original design.
  • The color range of materials for upholstery is much wider than that of finished structures. This provides great opportunities for external design.

Among all the variety of materials distinguish those that can be installed on their own, as well as those for installation which will have to resort to the services of specialists. The master will inspect the door structure, carry out appropriate measurements and perform the facing work. The owner of the apartment does not have to spend time on it.

Features of materials used for upholstery of metal doors

  • Artificial leather. Despite the low cost, it has significant advantages: it is resistant to high humidity, practically does not burn, is not afraid of temperature changes. When facing, it is worth considering that it can easily be damaged by sharp objects.
  • Door paneling. Among the merits of this material can be distinguished ease of operation: thin slats easily attached to the base. The use of various impregnations gives the rail positive properties: moisture resistance, resistance to fire and rot.
  • Laminate. It is affordable and has an attractive appearance. The material is suitable for upholstery of a metal door only from the inside. For facing from the outside, it is not practical, because under the influence of high humidity, the material warps.
  • MDF panels. This coating will give a luxurious look to any surface, it does not harm human health. The material is made of fibreboard, to give strength is processed by polymer compounds. Of the disadvantages can be a fairly high price and susceptibility to mechanical damage.
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