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Metal-plastic windows and the comfort

To persuade anyone in the need to install plastic windows is no longer necessary. plastic windows Metal-plastic windows are installed everywhere, both in the construction of new buildings, and in their major repairs or reconstruction. The benefits of these products are obvious. Good heat and noise isolation properties, aesthetic appearance and no need for further processing - the main ones.


Occurring occasionally discussions in the mass media about the disadvantages or even damage to the installation of plastic windows are reduced mainly to some sort of separation from the material profile, from which they are made and excessive sealing of the room due to the installation of these products.

A profound substantive analysis of such discussions leads to the conclusion that in principle there is no decent alternative to plastic windows for today, but it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of products and the right solution for ventilation of the premises where they are installed.

Comfortably live do not forbid. But to the question of comfort, as to no other needs a competent comprehensive approach. Here, even a little trifle can be decisive. Comfort is a set of factors, among which the air environment is not the most important. It's important to remember that the installation of plastic windows not only must ensure the reliable protection of your home from noise, drafts and heat losses, but it should not be the cause of the appearance of the fungus on the walls of the premises, and more importantly, the reason for your ill feeling.

To do this, you need to anticipate the flow of fresh air into your home.
The tide can be provided in different ways, you only have to choose the most suitable option for your specific conditions and financial opportunities.

First, when ordering windows you can choose accessories with a micro-ventilation mode, which allows the penetration of some fresh air into the compartment through the seals or immediately order the installation of special air vents in the frame of windows.

Second, it is possible to install in building structures the existing existing on the market wall ventilators with or without recuperators.

Finally, you can, and sometimes you need to mount in the building a tidal or inflow-exhaust mechanical ventilation. There are a lot of options here, it all depends on your financial capabilities and understanding the importance of this issue for your health.

Any, even natural ventilation of the building implies a certain increase in heat loss in it. Therefore, on the one hand, by minimizing them (heat losses) by installing metal-plastic windows, you must, on the other hand, ensure that the required amount of fresh air is received for a healthy and truly comfortable stay of all the residents of your home.

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