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From the very beginning of the appearance in our home of the first or next new small member of the family and in the process of its growth, we are witnessing the phenomenal transformation of the potential energy of our concern about it into the kinetic energy of its growth and development. Depending on our genes, upbringing and character, this transformation can be more or less dynamic, but the lack of such - is certainly an abnormal phenomenon and can only be alarmed.

Great mobility of the child - a completely natural and positive sign, even if it deprives us of calm and carefree life. In no case can it be suppressed by his activity for personal gain and comfort, wise and truly caring parents will send the violent energy of their child in the right direction for his own physical development.

If your child likes to jump and climb on prohibited places and objects in your opinion - create conditions for him to do it under safe conditions, with great pleasure, and most importantly, under your supervision and control.
The most optimal solution is the children's sports corner. The size and composition of such a building in your house or apartment will depend firstly on the size of your home or children's room, and secondly, on your financial capabilities. In any case, having shown imagination and wit, you have to create a minimum permissible building for the child, for her and your own benefit.

A children's sports club can serve as a simple "Swedish wall", as well as a more serious sports-acrobatic structure, rope ladders, swings, rope or curtain. It is very important to ensure the child's safety during games and activities. For this purpose, the materials from which the shells are made must have a high strength, a surface that would provide a good grip, had no cracks and roughness that could injure the palms of the child's hands or feet. The most successful material for making, for example, the Swedish wall is a natural tree of solid rock. It is important that the treated surfaces are strong, well polished, covered with varnish. To reduce the risk of injury, place occupations should be wrapped softening with mats or rugs.

If you have the skills, desire and the tool, you can make any projectile yourself, but the easiest and most reliable way is to buy a ready-made children's sports corner in a specialized company. It does not matter where to do it - either online or in "live" shop. The main thing is that the manufacturer has been reliable and proven, because the health of the child - the most expensive.

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