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Water heating. Features and history of development

So commonplace and common today, water heating systems do not really have a very long history of development. Unlike stone-pumping heating systems, the appearance of which was supposed to have occurred millennia ago, the first water systems appeared relatively recently - in the late XVIII century.

Elements of the water heating system

As you know, the main elements of modern water heating systems are:
- Power generating device, in a simple way - a boiler;
- Heating devices, - radiators;
- pipes connecting the boiler with the devices of heating, fittings and fittings;
- automatic;

The principle of operation of the water heating system

In a boiler, by combustion of fuel (it can be solid, liquid or gaseous), a heat-carrier is heated (usually water), which circulates through heating devices (radiators) gives them heat and returns to the boiler, either naturally, Something forcibly. Hot radiators heat the heat, heating the surrounding objects, walls and air, thus covering the heat loss of the room.

This principle of work by its very nature has almost changed from the moment of the invention of water heating to our time. Although the elements of the water heating systems themselves were perfected in the process of scientific and technological progress, absorbing its most advanced achievements.

In the process of development, boilers improved, many of their types appeared, both by type of fuel, and by the design of combustion chambers and heat exchangers, by the methods and efficiency of combustion of fuel, on the material of the body and heat exchanger, etc. The automation of boiler control has advanced very significantly in recent years, which allows you to operate the whole system of water heating not only safely but economically.

Materials of pipes of systems of water heating today are represented also by a very wide assortment, from steel, copper and metal-plastic to polyethylene and polypropylene pipes.

But the brightest scientific and technological progress has shown itself in the manufacture of heating appliances - radiators. Today the assortment and design of heating devices are incredibly wide. All started from the cast iron radiators used today. Steel panel, sectional and solid, bimetallic and aluminum radiators - today you can get lost when choosing. Each type has its disadvantages and advantages, its nuances in the installation and application. Therefore, from the very beginning - from designing and purchasing to installation it is necessary to address only to proven experts.

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