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Electric floor heating

It is well known that the warmest floors are the most comfortable and safe for humans. One of the most common principles of a healthy state for a person is to keep their feet warm and their head cool, as it is best embodied in this method of space heating.
The low surface temperature of the warm floor, in addition to comfortable sensations and no risk of burns, provides, on the one hand, the low velocity of convective flows, on the other, their natural and most environmentally friendly, energy efficient and comfortable direction, from the bottom to the top. The low temperature of the floors does not provoke a sharp decrease in humidity in the room, which is typical when using traditional radiators and convectors, and the low speed of convective flows minimizes the movement of dust.

Kinds of Warm Floors

There are two types of underfloor heating - water and electric. Water floor heating is a rather time-consuming and expensive process that requires highly skilled professionals and a large initial financial investment.
In our article we will talk about electric floor heating.

Demand for this type of heating has been increasing recently. This is largely facilitated by the rapid development of renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies.

Varieties of Warm Electrical Floors

Electric floors can be heated in various ways:

  • Using an arbitrary length heating cable that is inserted with a glue snake directly under the floor facing material such as tile or pre-screed, self-leveling floor.
    By the way, such a cable can heat the steps of the porch on the street, pavement, prevent freezing of the spillway, sewer pipe or snowmelt on the roof.
  • With integral heating mats of certain sizes, which can also be supplied in rolls. This allows you to select the finished heating coating for any area. Heating mats are placed directly under the floor.

Warm electrical floors and state-of-the-art technology

There are quite a few manufacturers today with a wide range of warm electric floors.

In fairness, it should be noted that the widespread use of electric floor heating is limited by their high operating costs, in other words, the use of gas, solid fuels, and petroleum products for heating is still cheaper. And most manufacturers have come to terms with this fact, their range is mainly products intended for additional or alternative heating.
Fortunately, not all of them. Manufacturers who respect themselves and their customers can keep up with the times and are actively introducing cutting-edge technologies. They have warm floors that can be ultrathin, under laminated flooring. When installing products of such companies, their own innovative cable connection technologies are used. And some of them are even getting ready to start manufacturing energy-saving cable that can allow fully autonomous home heating from solar panels or other alternative sources, even without batteries.

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