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Cooling commercial premises with the use of chillers.

Omnipresent and omniscient Wikipedia claims that the chiller is an aggregate for cooling the heat transfer medium, which can be water, ethylene glycol, antifreeze and similar non-freezing liquids. The coolant is cooled in the chiller tank by means of an autonomous Freon circuit and then fed directly to the cooling devices to the places where cooling is to be performed. The coolant is supplied by a special hydraulic unit with a pump, which can be either an integral part of the chiller or a separate, remote unit, depending on the chiller's capacity, design and location. Cooling devices that work in conjunction with the chiller can be both fan coils, usually providing a microclimate in various commercial premises, as well as a variety of process equipment, tanks and the like as components of a certain production process.

With regard to the intricacies of management, design and the right selection, the search for a quality manufacturer, more information about chillers can be found on the Internet, asking about this wizard Googel. We in this article will try briefly and as easily as possible to tell about the use of chillers for cooling various buildings of commercial purpose.

Typically, large office and shopping centers, sports and entertainment complexes and other similar buildings occupy significant areas and have a large number of premises, often quite different in area and purpose. In different premises of one building there may be different number of people, different sources of heat and harmful substances, different temperatures or humidity may be required. This creates certain difficulties and it takes considerable costs to achieve the necessary microclimate in each particular room.

With regard to heating, it is easy to solve problems here centrally, with the help of one or a group of boilers, by distributing the coolant through the premises and installing regulating devices and individual automation in each of them.
  With ventilation is more difficult - here without a large number of autonomous ventilation systems can not do and this entails significant initial capital investments.

Speaking of cooling buildings of the above types, in this case, the use of the chiller is the most optimal option. The system of chiller-fan coils allows to carry out air-conditioning of premises centrally, according to the same principle as their heating. In this case, the cooling of each individual room can be regulated individually - by the number of coolant supplied to the fan coil or by changing the fan speed of the corresponding fan coil. Moreover, the chiller, working in the heat pump mode, can also heat the same premises in the same way.
  You can place the chiller in any convenient place, on the roof, in the extension, the basement and even at a certain distance from the serviced building, which is very important in this case, since for commercial buildings each square meter is worth its weight in gold.

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