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Chiliers. Features of using chillers

Chiller is a refrigeration machine designed to cool a certain amount of liquid. Subsequently, this fluid circulates through the circuit with the help of hydraulic devices, performing a variety of purpose and capacity of the task.

Chillers appeared in the last century immediately after the invention of air conditioners and quickly and tightly occupied their niche in both production and commercial air-conditioning.

Today chillers are very widely used in the food industry, in particular in dairy, in the production of ice cream, various sauces, pastes, confectionery products, etc. Chilled fluid circulates through the contour of various equipment and shirts of the tanks, providing the necessary technological temperature of the product or its rapid cooling.

Also, the great use of chilly was obtained in the chemical and plastic industry, in particular, for cooling the molds when casting plastic products of various applications.

The use of chillers as refrigeration machines for industry is very broad, albeit much less known than their use for the conditioning of large and not very commercial premises. For this purpose, the chiller works in conjunction with closing devices of different power and type, the so-called fan coils.

The chiller-fan coil system has big advantages over conventional split or multisplit systems for cooling large office, commercial or other commercial buildings with a large number of premises. The system is very flexible, since it allows you to adjust the air parameters in each of the premises individually, if necessary, to reduce or increase the number of closing devices, to change their power, configuration and even placement. Fancoils are selected for each room individually, first of all, based on the power required for its cooling, with the design features of the room. Chiller is located either in a separate room or on the street. The liquid from the chiller to the closers circulates through the pipes with the help of a hydraulic unit, which can be either built-in chiller or separately mounted.

The range of power chillers, both industrial and commercial, is very wide, as liquid, both ordinary water and antifreeze can be used, depending on the destination and the area where they are operated.

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