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Can a juicer and vacuum cleaner be attributed to climate technology? Household appliances and climate technology - the same thing?

The question posed in the title of this article can be considered strange, even stupid.
Any modern person who, at least somewhat familiar with the notion of climate, directly or indirectly dealing with household appliances denies that climate technology is a technique by which you can change the parameters of the air indoors in one direction or another - its temperature, humidity. He will confidently tell you that words such as "climatic equipment" can be called air conditioning, oil radiator, fan heater, humidifier or dehumidifier. Air cleaner in the end. But a vacuum cleaner or a juicer? ... To a large extent, this person will be right, expressing surprise at this issue statement.

But in this article we will venture to assert the opposite - both a vacuum cleaner, a juicer, and a food processor, as well as a refrigerator-freezer, can be considered climatic equipment.

Why are we going to defend this thesis, it becomes clearer when considering the concept of climate in a broader perspective.

The climate is a philosophical concept. This is not only the temperature and humidity in your home or locality, although these things are also important and are the core of the word. The climate Р°t home is, first of all, the temperature of the relationship between its inhabitants, - between husband and wife, children and parents, between the children themselves.

The temperature of family relations is determined mainly by factors such as the presence or absence of mutual respect and love between its members, the degree of mutual concern to each other.

Having visited some time in the house, communicating with its inhabitants tend to become more or less noticeable atmosphere and climate here. Warm or cold you have accepted, how warm relations between inhabitants of a house - it is immediately shown, as they say, is striking.

But there are things that you do not always pay attention to, but they play a very important role.
For example, the presence of a wand, a kitchen counter, a vacuum cleaner or a microwave in the house speaks not only about the level of income of his owner, but also about his care about his wife, about the desire to ease her everyday home troubles. But the freezer in the kitchen and the presence of juice extractors there are the best evidence and evidence of how the head of the family cares about his children.

From the opposite, one can guess which climate in the house, where the wife has to "manually" perform all routine work: washing, cleaning and cooking. Will she be able to be gentle and tender to her husband and children in the evening? And not looking at the love between the spouses, or not cooling their relationship after a certain time of common life "in manual mode"?

It seems that our arguments were sufficient to include all household appliances without exception in the climate and our question in the title of the article looks not so frivolous.

Love each other, take care of each other - and the climate in your home in the widest sense of the word will always be warm.

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