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Man and real estate

From the outset I would like to warn that this article is not about how to correctly find, assess the purchase of real estate in Kiev or Paris, Moscow or New York.

Here I would just like to think about what constitutes the very real estate. After all, today they dream of so many simple and not very people, for it so often judged, unfortunately, sometimes even fight and kill each other.

The word real estate assumes that this is something you own - immutable, which can not be moved, rearranged, transported somewhere.

One of the first mentions of commercial real estate transactions is recorded in the Bible. In the first book of Moses, "Genesis" (Ch.24), a fairly detailed account of how Abraham acquired a plot of land with a cave to bury his wife Sarah. Although the inhabitants of that land offered him a free place, wherever he could do it, the patriarch refused and insisted on redeeming the plot with the cave. He perfectly understood that the acquired land would get him and his descendants in possession if not forever, then for several generations ahead. Indeed, in that cave, not only Abraham was buried, but his descendants, including the great-grandson of Joseph, whose remains were taken from Egypt more than four hundred years after the death of Abraham.

For a long time real estate, that is, the land with buildings on it rarely was the subject of trade or exchange. Due to the closeness of communities of people and their low mobility, real estate was more often inherited, transferred to the property by others, or the sale was considered a bad tone, but sometimes it is completely forbidden.

But in the process of developing social and industrial relations, it became clear that real estate along with precious metals is a great way to invest money and secure their preservation.

With the development of market relations, real estate operations received a new breath. Real estate, as well as any goods began to actively sell, buy, lease.

Economic development prompted a rapid growth in the need for housing, offices, trade, manufacturing and entertainment facilities. Accordingly, turnover on real estate transactions has increased.

Of course, real estate, being a commodity, has its value, which is determined by many factors. After all, to put it mildly, the "range" of real estate today is extremely wide, from housing and premises or commercial buildings to land for development. It is also clear that the cost of these objects will depend not only on their size, but also on the state, destination, location and many other factors. Today, the market has a fairly large supply of real estate for every taste and opportunities, both for sale and for purchase or lease.

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