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Microclimate and comfort of the mansard premises

The cost of land in both large and small cities, and beyond them is incredibly high now, and trends are such that it is unlikely that the price per square meter of land in the immediate future will fall. This is especially true for large cities and their environs.

That is why such a way in the literal sense of every fifth purchased area under a country cottage or high-rise within the city developer wants to use the maximum.

One of the ways to maximally optimize the use of square meters for building is the application in architectural solutions of new buildings, as well as in the reconstruction of old houses attic, that is, the use of attic roof space for housing, offices and workshops.

Externally, such buildings look very attractive, because today there is a large variety of roofing and facade materials, other elements, special manhole windows, etc.

But in order to have a nice working and living in the mansard premises, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of roofing and insulation materials and take into account some nuances when designing and installing such important engineering networks as heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

It should be remembered that in the summer the roof surface gets the maximum thermal load, and the heat loss in winter through this part of the structure is always maximized. Therefore, the material of the roof itself should be of appropriate quality, and the insulation - the maximum possible. An important role in this will play the noise vulnerability of the roof material to rain, rain or hailstones.

In any case, the air conditioner for such a room will not be superfluous, but when calculating its power and selection, you need to make a stock taking into account the heating of the roof. Heating appliances in the attic rooms should also be laid immediately at a higher than usual capacity.

Since natural ventilation on the upper floors, as a rule, does not work, it will not work more on the mansard floor. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to take care of the presence of windows, the benefit today's choice in this regard is great, and secondly, of course, it is desirable to equip such premises with forced ventilation.
Fans need to be equipped with bathtubs, baths and showers, in kitchens and in premises with other harmful emissions install exhaust ventilation fans.
Also, it will not be superfluous to equip here the tidal systems with the supply of fresh air to living rooms, offices, in other areas of accommodation of people. There are a lot of compact hanging tidal, inflow and exhaust plants with electric or water heating, recuperators of different types and efficiency on the market.

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