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Aerated concrete blocks.

Modern technologies and materials that are so widely used today in construction are in fact not so modern. A vivid example of this can be such a popular today building material, as aerated concrete blocks.

Recently, the use of this material in civil and industrial construction has received particularly rapid growth. And it's not a problem.

Blocks made of aerated concrete have excellent insulation properties, which allows for relatively small thickness of bearing structures to achieve the required indicators for heat resistance. Compared with other materials traditionally used in the construction of bearing walls of buildings, in particular brick, concrete, - structures from aerial blocks are much lighter, respectively, here you can achieve considerable savings when constructing the foundation of the building.

For the sake of fairness it should be noted, continuing to compare the aerated concrete block with a traditional brick, which, of course, compressive strength in them is much smaller, and this is almost the only drawback of this material. That is why blocks from a gas concrete during the construction of bearing structures can be used only in low-rise building. Although today there are modifications of this material with significantly higher strength characteristics, and this allows you to expand the scope of its use.

But on the other hand, the best material for the partitions of the inner walls and in small-and-multi-storey construction is not found. After all, these blocks have excellent sound insulation, they have good parameters for vapor permeability and fire safety. In a word, in rooms with walls of aerated concrete blocks and safe, and warm, and quiet.

The technology of manufacturing materials from aerated concrete allows to produce an extremely wide range of products. Blocks with a wide range of sizes, with grooves and chamfers, shaped radius and profile elements, elements of foundations and monolithic belts, etc.
Construction of structures from this material is light and simple, since the deviation of the dimensions and deviations of the surfaces is minimal, and the blocks themselves are of low weight. As aerated concrete blocks are easy to process (saw, cutter, etc.), it allows you to create the most intricate architectural solutions from them.

Returning to the beginning of the article, it should be noted that the technology of manufacturing aerated concrete was invented in the first half of the last century. At the same time it was widely used in construction in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. The use of aerated concrete blocks is now experiencing a second birth. In addition to world-famous brands, such as Ytong, with its offices and production in all corners of the world, new ones are created for product this wonderful material.

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