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Heating systems are the most important and the most expensive climate systems for all latitudes, where the temperature for a long period of time falls below 8oC.
At present, in such conditions (with low temperatures of outside air in winter), a significant part of the population of our planet lives.

In the budget of any family, regardless of the country of residence with a moderate or severe climate, the share of heating costs is the largest. That is why today huge efforts of scientists, manufacturers of equipment and devices for heating systems are aimed at improving heating technology, searching for new sources of energy, and energy saving.

In addition to traditional water and air heating systems, a growing number of new heating appliances are gaining popularity. The principle of their operation is based both on the latest technologies and on the unconventional use of old technologies and so-called renewable heat sources.

To such, for example, can be attributed devices of infrared radiation, - gas, water, electric convectors of a new generation of different capacities and applications.

Recently, the use of heat pumps for both water and air heating has become widespread.

Heat generators of traditional water systems, in other words, boilers, are also constantly being improved, both in terms of fuel economy, increasing efficiency, and in optimizing the management of heat carrier distribution.

Despite the great variety in the current conditions for the customer it is important from the outset to determine the most optimal option for heating, based on the area where he lives, from the available energy resources, personal capabilities and the economic feasibility of using one or another heating system.

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