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Installation of air conditioning systems.

The variety of equipment and materials of air-conditioning systems also implies different features of their installation.

If the air conditioning systems are ducted using duct ventilation equipment and ducts, then the installation of the air conditioning system of this type will be done as installation of ventilation systems.

Installing a chiller fan coil system requires particularly high installer skills and experience. Installation of air-conditioning systems of this type may require a wide variety of work, such as welding or welding copper pipe joints to bond the Freon circuit of the chiller, welding steel pipes, or laying pipes of a variety of materials (polypropylene, copper, metal, etc.). ) for the binding of the liquid circuit of the chiller-fancoil. In this case, the installation is similar in part to the installation of refrigeration equipment, partly to the installation of the heating system.

Installation of air conditioners

Installation of air conditioners of any type has certain features that should be considered.
Installation of air conditioners is also a highly skilled job and requires not only certain skills to work with a special tool, but also special knowledge. In addition, the installation of air conditioning is often carried out at high altitudes, and this requires that the performer of his good health and lack of fearful heights.installation of the indoor unit of the conditioner
Installation of air conditioners has its own order and technology. The installation procedure of the air conditioner can be divided into several stages.
The first stage is laying of copper pipeline routes, drainage channel and control cable. After marking the future route and the location of the indoor unit, the bearing and interior walls are drilled, possibly their breaking or inserting the route into a plastic box. When installing the drainage pipe, it is necessary to provide a suitable slope for removal from the indoor condensate unit. Copper pipes are pre-tightened into an insulator, tightening the gas and liquid lines, if necessary, the drainage pipe and the control cable with plastic clamps. For bending and trimming pipes use special devices - pipe bends and pipe cutters. After trimming the pipes, their ends are cleaned and closed with special plugs to prevent dust and dust. After laying and fixing the route, the installation of indoor and outdoor units is carried out at random. In both cases the ends of the pipes are rolled with a special roller. This is to ensure that the connections between the exterior ports and the pipes of the indoor unit with the pipes are tight.
The outdoor unit is mounted on special brackets, and the horizontal position of the unit must be ensured for normal operation of the compressor.
After installing the units and connecting them to the pipes, the connections are checked for leaks, and then after running into the freon system, the air conditioner is checked. All these procedures are performed with the help of specialized equipment that requires some qualifications.
Installation of air conditioners should always be trusted by experienced professionals, and then the purchase will be a long time in the summer heat to please you with coolness in your home.

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