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Air conditioning. Conditioning systems

Air conditioning is the creation and automatic maintenance of temperature, humidity, cleanliness, composition, air velocity, which are most favorable for people's well-being (comfortable air-conditioning) or technological processes, operation of equipment and devices (technological air-conditioning).
In accordance with sanitary and hygienic requirements the most favorable temperature in public, administrative and household premises is 20-22 оС. Allowable temperature fluctuations in the warm period are from 20 to 28 оС, in the cold and transitional periods are from 18 to 22 оС.

Classification of air-conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems can be classified as follows:

  • by the destination of the object with the reference - technological and comfortable;
  • in the presence of sources of heat and cold autonomous and non-autonomous;
  • on the principle of placement of the air conditioning system relative to the object being serviced - central and local;
  • by the number of premises being serviced - single-zone and multi-zone;
  • by type of facilities being serviced - household, semi-industrial and industrial.

Autonomous systems have in their composition a complete set of equipment that allows to carry out the necessary air treatment in accordance with the regulatory requirements for cleaning, heating, cooling, drying, humidification, movement and distribution of air, as well as for the purpose of automatic control and control. Only electricity is required to operate them. Autonomous systems include monoblock windows, cabinet air conditioners (ruftopes), split systems. Non-autonomous systems do not have built-in units that are sources of heat or cold. The coolant is supplied from other sources of heat and cold supply.
Central systems are non-autonomous units located outside serviced premises. The units prepare the air and then distribute it indoors using air ducts.
Local systems are manufactured on the basis of autonomous and non-autonomous air conditioners and are installed in a serviced premises.
Multi-zone systems are used to service multiple rooms or rooms with uneven heat and moisture distribution.

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