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The relevance of air conditioning systems is now without a doubt.
In an age of scientific and technological progress and rapid development of technology, we are all very literate and know everything about everything. Well, almost everything about almost everything. At least, that such conditioning, know almost everything. Perhaps, only specialists are aware of dehumidifiers, humidifiers and fan coils, but everything was heard about the air conditioners. Although not the fact that everyone correctly understands what it is.

I want to immediately refute a few myths-stereotypes about conditioning.
The first one is that air conditioning is only air-conditioning. In fact, as it becomes clear from the above, it is dehumidification, humidification and purification of air, and even its heating. As for the latter, the heating dedicated to another separate section of this catalog is heating. In a simple way, air conditioning is his preparation.
There is another common myth about air conditioners. They supposedly give fresh air. In reality, with the exception of duckt conditioners, conventional wall split systems will not add oxygen to the room. They only process the existing air in the room, they can cool it, heat it, clean it and even ionize it. Although this is also very important, useful and pleasant, especially in the heat. There are single wall models, which declare the influx of fresh air, but this is only an advertising marketing course of the manufacturer. In almost all cases, the amount of this "fresh" air is scanty and not commensurate with the cost of markup for such equipment.

The same applies to household cleaners, humidifiers and air dehumidifiers. There fresh air can not be supplied a priori. Of course, all this equipment is also necessary and important for our health, however, if we value them, health, we really value, without banal airing of premises and regular spending time in the fresh air can not do.

And another common stereotype, this is that if you can now buy an air conditioner in a hypermarket, almost like a sausage, then it's not a problem to install it. In fact, the installation of the air conditioner must be approached in the most serious way. This technique requires the installation of good specialists and special equipment. Do not be fooled by cheap offers from so-called "installers", and even more so, do not attempt to install the air conditioner yourself. Contact a specialized company, find specialists with experience and good reputation. Good luck to you!

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